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Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween,
Gifts have been revealed and every single square for the bingo has been filled. Great job everybody! 269 cats will be provided, as promised, but they aren’t ready just yet. Don’t worry, they will be up before creator reveals. Speaking of which, one gift in the collection should remain anonymous as that is the one for the cats. If you want to include your cats or honorary cats (aka all other pets) then email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com.

If there are any issues at all contact me ASAP. I will do my best to resolve them. Due to the volume of gifts I just can’t check everything on my own. If you notice an issue with someone else’s gift you can still contact me about it.

There will be more discussion on future rounds and about adding staff on creator reveals. For now, just enjoy this bucket of candy. Feel free to post any recs in the comments.

Pinch Hit List

All pinch hits will be posted to this group.  As well as put in the comments of this post.  You can email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com, comment on this post, PM me, or contact me any other way you can to claim.  Make sure you include your AO3 account name.  You don't need to be signed up to claim.

Sign-ups are Closed

tldr: Sign-ups are closed


Sign-Ups Closing in one day


Sign-ups close at 23:59 Zulu time on Monday.

that the optional tags field is only for adding additional character tags that are already in the tagset.  They must be identical to the tags in the tagset to work.

Sign-ups are now open.

Tagset | Letters | Collection

I have allowed additional tags for those that want to request/offer more than ten characters per fandom.  Make sure you copy and paste them exactly from the tagset to insure that you can be matched.

Your Do Not Wants must be in your AO3 sign-up.  If they are only in your letter then I cannot enforce them.

Contact me if there are any issues.


Letters Post

I’m in the process of doing the last few things before opening sign-ups.  AO3 has been extremely slow when working on tagsets since the Jolly Competition opened nominations.  Just be a little more patient.

If you have written a letter for this exchange you can post it on the Dreamwidth or Livejournal versions of this post.

Here is a spreadsheet.  I am not running it.  This is being done by [personal profile] daken.  If you have any issues with it contact them.  I’m just sharing the link.


2017 Community Challenge!

For those new to the exchange, every year I post a community challenge. This is a just for fun thing. I like to announce what it is before sign-ups start. This is purely for fun and is not required.
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+1 Extra Character

I have added one more fandom that I have questions about to the previous post.  Everything except the fandoms/characters I have questions about has been processed.

To celebrate, if you comment on this post you can pick one extra character to add to a fandom already in the tagset.  I will add them in as I perform fixes.  This offer is good until I open sign-ups.

While not required, I’d love links to Halloween appropriate music and videos on youtube in the comments.

State of the Tagset

We currently have 958 accepted fandoms. I have just over 100 left to go through. I have not gone through and done many corrections yet, but if you see something that needs to be fixed then drop a message here.

This post will be edited as I have additional questions.

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All nominations except the ones I have questions about have been processed.

Nominations are closed

Nominations are now closed.